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Georges Corraface et Victoria Abril dans 'Clem' sur TF1Georges portrays Victoria Abril's former flame in popular TF1 series «Clem»

Georges joins the «Clem» family in season 8 of this popular TF1 French TV series. Georges portrays Antonio, Caroline’s (Victoria Abril) first love whose sudden disappearance has remained a mystery to her for 35 years, ever since they shared an unfulfilled passion during the Franco regime in Spain. The impact of their coincidental reunion is further accentuated by Clem’s revelation that they have a son (Agustin Galiana) and that their son has a son! Antonio is suddenly a father and a grandfather, all at once, and while he yearns to rekindle their vivid love story from the past, Xavier, Clem’s new husband (Philippe Lellouche), looks on disapprovingly.

learn more:
The official «Clem» website on the TF1 portal (in French)


Georges Corraface et Jeanne Balibar 'Cérémonie des Lumières'Georges presents Best Actress award to Jeanne Balibar at the 23rd «Lumières Awards» in Paris

Georges presented Jeanne Balibar with the Best Actress award for her role in «Barbara» during the 23rd «Lumières Awards» in Paris on February 5th, 2018, an award given yearly by the international press. Five other leading ladies were nominated: Hiam Abbass (Une famille syrienne), Juliette Binoche (Un beau soleil intérieur), Emmanuelle Devos (Numéro une), Charlotte Gainsbourg (La Promesse de l'Aube), and Karin Viard (Jalouse).

The winners are decided by the 80 Lumière Academy members, journalists hailing from more than 30 countries. The Lumière Academy was founded in 1995 by Daniel Toscan du Plantier and American journalist Edward Behr to highlight the high esteem the Paris-based international press holds for French cinema. Roughly one hundred French films released theatrically in France in 2017 were initially in the running for a nomination.

Find out more in this «Screen Daily» article.

Georges during the ceremony: video excerpt [1:03]

learn more:
Discover all of the 2018 winners
Official website for Lumières Awards (Les Prix Lumières)
Official Facebook site: Lumières Awards (Les Prix Lumières)
Watch the entire ceremony on the 3Is website or Facebook [2:24:57]


Georges Corraface 'Nostromo'«Nostromo: David Lean’s impossible dream» to open the TCM Festival in Madrid

Georges will be in Madrid to present the documentary film «Nostromo: David Lean's Impossible Dream», which opens the TCM Festival on November 30th.

Georges Corraface was slated to play the title role in «Nostromo», based on the Joseph Conrad novel and destined to be Sir David Lean's final masterpiece. The documentary film by Goya-winning director Pedro González Bermúdez, «El Sueño Imposible de David Lean», charts the six years of the production's preparation which ended with the legendary director's death in 1991 - just weeks before filming was due to start.

The documentary features interviews with British playwright Cristopher Hampton, actor Georges Corraface and CA News editor, Richard Torné. It's illustrated with archive images, screen tests of Tilda Swinton, Alan Rickman and Georges Corraface, as well as story boards and drawings that David Lean and his team prepared for the shoot.

learn more:
Story synopsis
Trailer for «El Sueño Imposible de David Lean» (English with Spanish sub-titles)
Announcement on the TCM Festival site


Once Upon a Time the Continental CircusGeorges narrates the DVD English-language version of «Once Upon a time, the Continental Circus»

Georges narrates the DVD English-language version of Bernard Fau’s film «Once Upon a time, the Continental Circus», a documentary portrait of men who lived out their dreams and accepted the risk of the race on the track. Bernard Fau, Continental Circus Grand Prix racer, one of the legendary 1970s French Generation riders, asked Georges to narrate this film because of their longstanding friendship and Georges’s passion for motorcycles.

The film relives the golden age of the Continental Circus through the accounts of champions such as Giacomo Agostini, previously unseen footage, and highlights of present day International Classic Grand Prix races.

Trailer: Once Upon a Time the Continental Circus

Livre 'Acteur et comédien d'une passion à l'autre'Georges is one of sixteen French actors interviewed by the author of «Actor and Comedian, from one to the other»

Georges is one of sixteen French actors interviewed by the author of «Actor and Comedian, from one to the other» (Acteur et comédien d'une passion à l'autre), Agnes Figueras-Lenattier (published by Éditions l'Harmattan) in which seasoned actors and actresses (Georges Corraface, Philippe Torreton, Francis Huster, Sarah Forestier, Bernard Menez, Barbara Schulz among others) focus on the difference between performing for the stage and the screen. Reflections are further developed by theater and movie directors (Philippe Miquel, Patrice Leconte, Yvon Marciano) who reveal their methods for working in these two acting worlds.

find out more:
Book description in French on the Livres sur le Cinéma website

Georges Corraface / Nikos Kazantzakis"Looking for Zorba"

In Athens, on March 4th at The Byzantine Museum and on March 5th at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Georges will read excerpts in French from his play, "Brûle Ta Maison" ("Burn Your House"). On March 6th, The Mayor of Athens will make Georges an “Honorary Citizen of Athens”. A short ceremony will take place, followed by a reception.

The weekend events will be filmed for Momentum Movie's work-in-progress documentary: "Looking for Zorba", in the spirit of "Looking for Richard" by Al Pacino.Georges Corraface, Lookiing for Zorba

In 1917, Nikos Kazantzakis, Greek poet and philosopher, wanting to put his political ideas and ethics to a real-life test, rented a lignite mine in Southern Peloponnese, Greece, hired some local workers, and as his foreman, a handyman/drifter/freedom fighter by the name of Yiorgos Zorbas.

A great friendship grew between the two men, founded on their reciprocal esteem and admiration. Two men, larger than life, one, an intellectual, the other, a man of action, both searching for freedom, both soaring with spirituality. Their project ended with the collapse of the mine. They separated paths before all their questions were answered, vowing to meet again.

In 1941, news of the unexpected death of his friend affected Nikos Kazantzakis so deeply that he found himself in a sudden and furious state of literary creativity. And so the legendary character Alexis Zorba was born, the hero of his greatest novel, "Zorba, The Greek".

find out more

Georges Corraface at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, photo courtesy of David A. Lee photography, all rights reserved"Xamou" makes USA festival premiere showcased at the Palm Springs International Film Festival

"Xamou" by Clio Fanouraki was invited to the 28th Palm Springs International Film Festival in January 2017, where many Greek films starring Georges have been screened over the past years in the Oscar Buzz section for Best Foreign Film.  "Xamou" played to full houses. The Q & A discussion, introduced and moderated by Georges, was lively and interesting.

The festival catalogue describes "Xamou" - written, produced and direced by Clio Fanouraki - as:
"A love letter to the island of Crete, this gentle Mediterranean pick-me-up posits a back-to-the-land solution to Greece’s economic crisis and boasts breathtaking cinematography, haunting, original music and mouthwatering food and wine."

more about "Xamou":
synopsis and photos
trailer (English subtitles)

Georges Corraface "Enigmas"/Documentary on ARTE

"The Enigmas of the Corsican Treasure". A breathtaking investigation, narrated by Georges Corraface, into the discovery and disappearance of a fabulous treasure found in the Mediterranean sea, off Corsica, produced with ARTE, written and directed by Karel Prokop, whose fascinating documentaries travel the four corners of the earth, but especially to the depths of the oceans, creating the genre of the underwater police film, a first in the history of television in France.


Georges Corraface "Secrets of Delos Island"/Documentary

Georges is currently hosting an art film/documentary, directed by Andonis Kioukas, which will explore the incredible spiritual wealth of the sacred island of Delos.

From mythology to ancient history, he walks us through the mysterious beauty and spiritual richness of the largest archeological site in Greece.


Georges Corraface "Lolo", a wacko comedy directed by Julie Delpy

Georges joined Karine Viard, Danny Boon, Vincent Lacoste and Julie Delpy in her new comedy "Lolo", shot in Biarritz and Paris.

Release date: October 28th 2015.



Georges Corraface "The First Line", by US filmmakers, John and Coerte Voorhees opens in Greece

After a world premiere at the Greek International Film Festival of Thessaloniki on the anniversary day of the death of Melina Mercouri, whose mission to reunite the Parthenon marbles in Athens, drew attention to the cause worldwide, "The First Line" ("Promakhos", Greek title), a courtroom drama about the case against the British Museum, opens in Greece.

An American film by John and Coerte Voorhees opening on November 27th.



Georges Corraface Georges prime suspect in "Death in Paradise", the popular BBC series

Georges has just guest starred in "Death in Paradise", the popular BBC series, produced by Red Planet Pictures and Atlantique Productions.

In this season 4 episode, directed by David O’Neil, he portrays Henri, a principal suspect in a strange murder investigated by an unlikely team of astute cops played by Chris Marshall and Sara Martins. But, no spoilers, please!

With a cast of fine Brit actors such as David Bamber, Amanda Roots, Adrian Lukis and also Katarina Cas as well as Elisabeth Bourgine with whom he co-starred in « Barrage sur l’Orénoque ».


Georges Corraface "On Leave", A Crime in The Trenches of WW1

Second collaboration for Georges and Philippe Niang. After "Lovers in The Shadows", a new made -for- TV film, called "On Leave" explores the themes of racism and the taboo of interracial love during WWI in France.

Bakari (Souleymane Seye Ndiaye), an enlisted man from Senegal is the ideal suspect in the murder of a French officer which occurred only moments before a nocturnal surprise attack by the Germans.

Georges plays Captain Beaulieu, the victim’s uncle, who investigates the crime which hits close to home. Weaving his way through the soldiers of his battalion as well as the members of his own family, Cousin Louise (Charlotte de Turkheim), his niece Jeanne (Hande Kodja) and her fiancé, Adrien (Michael Cohen), he confronts surprises and revelations until the final resolution in this war/crime film.


Georges Corraface "Pyx-Lax" Revival Concert, Gazilive,
new mega-venue

Three years after the "Pyx Lax" revival concert, which a total of 130,000 people attended in packed stadiums, first in Athens and then in Thessaloniki, Philippos Pliatsikas and Babis Stokas met again for « The Other Side Of Blue », in Athens in March 2014 for the grand opening of the Gazi-Live venue.

Georges sang some of their most famous songs and recited from the works of great modern Greek poets Seferis, Elytis and Cavafy with actress Nadia Spiliotopoulou, in a 4 hour multi-artistic approach to modern Greek culture combining rock, poetry and video art.

This concert concluded a European tour called « The Other Side of Greece » during which the much- loved Greek rock musician/songwriter, Pliatsikas, highlighted the musical richness of Greece, surrounded by significant artists supporting the project in every capital.

Georges joined in for the Brussels and Paris stops at Le Cirque Royal and Le Gibus in November, 2013.


Georges Corraface "Ursus" a road movie in Ukraine

Georges participated in Otar Shamatava's "Ursus", a coproduction between Georgia, Ukraine and Germany.

1992: Nika (Niko Tavadze), an out of work film director gets a chance to escape Tiflis, the Georgian capital raged by civil war. The Berlin zoo has invited him and a former stuntman, Toma (Bogdan Benyuk), to accompany Chola, the destroyed film studio’s brown bear on a long journey to Germany. A dangerous and adventurous road movie then begins. Nika will fulfill -in the most surrealistic way- his long time dream of participating in The Berlinale Film Festival when he crosses paths with the famous french filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jannaud (Georges Corraface) and Sonya, his estranged wife (Josephine de la Baume).

The shoot which began in October is temporarily suspended due to recent events in the Ukraine.


Georges Corraface "The First Line", US film in post-production

"The First Line" ("Promakhos", Greek title), an American feature film, written and directed by John and Coerte Voorhees, shot in London, Athens, and New York in now in post-production.

A court-room drama, "The First Line" presents a strong case for the return to Athens of the Parthenon Marbles, four shiploads of highly significant marble sculptures that Lord Elgin illicitly removed from the Parthenon in the early nineteenth century, still held today by the British Museum.

Georges plays the architect in charge of The Preservation and Reconstruction Program of the Acropolis whose goal is the reunification of the marbles, thereby revealing their hidden message and rendering justice to the Athenean ideals of a democratic society. It is particularly pertinent at this troubled time in history.

With Giancarlo Giannini, Pantelis Kodogiannis, Kassandra Vogiatzis, Paul Freeman, Michael Byrne, Yiorgos Voyagis.


Georges Corraface "La Malédiction de Julia", a captivating thriller for television

"La Malédiction de Julia" a thriller presented at the 2014 Luchon Festival. With Corinne Touzet and Georges Corraface. Directed by Bruno Gracia.

After 17 years of exile in Australia, Julia Gramont (Corinne Touzet) finally returns to France when she learns that her father has been hospitalized. Once home, she finds herself involved in a series of unbelievable catastrophes affecting her family and herself.

Convinced that she is a victim of a malicious plot, she turns to her old boyfriend, François (Georges Corraface) who is now a police commissioner. At first, he does what he can to help her as an officer of the law, but finally, as a friend, he attempts to break down Julia's defenses since she seems to be withholding a dark secret from the past.


Georges Corraface Luchon Festival : "La Malédiction de Julia"

"La Malédiction de Julia" a thriller presented at the 2014 Luchon Festival.
With Corinne Touzet and Georges Corraface. Directed by Bruno Gracia.

Shot in the North of France, the film aired on television in February 2014 was the season’s biggest TV audience.



Georges Corraface "Burn Your House!" An evening of theatre at La Maison de la Poesie, Paris

"Burn Your House"! An evening of theatre at La Maison de la Poesie, Paris. September 24, 2013 from the play "Conversations With Zorba" by Georges Corraface.


Adaptation: Georges Corraface,
Directed by Georges Corraface,
With Georges Corraface and Gen Shimaoka.

In 1917, Nikos Kazantzakis, Greek poet and philosopher, wanting to put his political ideas and ethics to a real- life test, rented a lignite mine in Southern Peloponnese, Greece, hired some local workers, and as his foreman, a handyman/ drifter/freedom fighter by the name of Yiorgos Zorbas.

A great friendship grew between the two men, founded on their reciprocal esteem and admiration.

Two men, larger than life, one, an intellectual, the other, a man of action, both searching for freedom, both soaring with spirituality. Their project ended with the collapse of the mine. They separated paths before all their questions were answered, vowing to meet again.

In 1941, news of the unexpected death of his friend affected Nikos Kazantzakis so deeply that he found himself in a sudden and furious state of literary creativity. And so the legendary character Alexis Zorba was born, the hero of his greatest novel, "Zorba, The Greek."


Georges Corraface Excerpts of "Conversations With Zorba" presented at the Butoh Festival in Normandy

Over the last weekend of August, Georges and Gen Shimaoka will present a preview of the play "Conversations with Zorba" featuring excerpts from Nikos Kazantzakis' works. The selected program of excerpts is entitled: "Burn Your House!".

Masaki Iwana, internationally acclaimed artist, has invited Georges and Gen to perform their piece during The Butoh Festival Verda Utopia #11 in Normandy, France. The festival will also include an appearance from Masaki and Moeno Wakamatsu, performing Butoh dance creations.


Georges Corraface "Conversations With Zorba" a preview on Europe Day

On Europe Day, May 9th, 2013, Georges will present a preview of his upcoming theatre piece, "Conversations With Zorba", playing with the mutli-talented Japanese actor/musician/dancer Gen Shimaoka.

He directs this play in French, which he adapted from the works of Nikos Kazantzakis.

"12 Hours for Greece" is an initiative made up of representatives from European Union institutions to promote solidarity and friendship, and to financially support projects of good will. More : www.12hoursforgreece.com


Georges Corraface Georges receives the Nova Award for international excellence

The Nova Award for international excellence in the cinema industry was awarded to Georges in April 2013 at the Hellenic Film Academy ceremony in Athens.


Georges Corraface "ADESPOTA, Stray Dogs in the Heart of Athens" world premiere

In production since 2009, "ADESPOTA, Stray Dogs in the Heart of Athens", is a 52' documentary film, directed by Ilya Chorafas and produced by Georges Corraface.

World premiere at the 15th International Documentary Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece, on March 16th at 18:30 and on March 18th at 14:30. It will also be part of this year's TDF regional program and be screened in schools and detention houses.


Georges Corraface "Papadopoulos & Sons" opens on April 5th in UK cinemas

"Papadopoulos & Sons", a UK film in English, opens on April 5th in UK cinemas. The film was pre- sold to the BBC.

It won an Audience Award at the Greek international film festival in 2012 (TIFF). More

Find out more about the film



Georges Corraface "ADESPOTA" a documentary film by Ilya Chorafas produced by Georges Corraface

"ADESPOTA" a documentary film by Ilya Chorafas produced by Georges Corraface has been invited to screen at Greece’s international documentary film festival on March 16th and March 18th.
"Adespota" (The Stray Dogs of Athens): Fallen angels? Guardian angels? Or simple animals that accompanied man in his long journey from the wilderness to urban life and whose presence at the forefront of all protest marches in the midst of the current Greek crisis, ironically dramatizes the symbol of freedom represented by dogs without masters in the heart of Athens.

Find out more about the 15th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival


Georges Corraface "Conversations with Zorba"

On February 18th, in commemoration of the 130th anniversary of the birth of Nikos Kazantzakis, the UK Embassy of Greece will present an International Symposium entitled "The Luminous Interval" at the Hellenic Centre, London.

The Symposium aims to honor the scope and impact of Kazantzakian thought on contemporary Literature, Art, and Society.

The Symposium will conclude with a presentation by Georges Corraface of his forthcoming theatrical piece, "Conversations with Zorba" accompanied by Gen Shimaoka, followed by a screening of the Academy Award winning film, "Zorba the Greek". More information about the symposium.


Georges Corraface Palm Springs Film Festival

"Papadopoulos and Sons" has been invited to the 24th International Palm Springs Film Festival, January, 2013. More

See the Hollywood Reporter review


Georges Corraface Full houses at Dinard Film Festival

"Papadopoulos and Sons" played to full houses every night at the Dinard Film Festival where it was programmed daily as a prime-time Special Screening.


Georges Corraface European Parliament, Brussels

"Papadopoulos & Sons" has been screened as a special event of the European Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday, 13 November 2012.
See the trailer


Georges Corraface Christmas with "Papadopoulos and Sons"

"Papadopoulos & Sons", a UK film in English, Hollywood Entertainment will release the film in Greece for the Christmas holidays in December, 2012, followed by Neue Visionen in Germany. The film will be released theatrically in the UK in March, 2013.


Georges Corraface Brussels, the crisis and "Papadopoulos & Sons"

As a lighter counterpoint to the dramatic Euro crisis, "Papadopoulos & Sons", a UK film in English, will be screened as a special event of the European Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday, 13 November 2012.

"Nobody does crisis like the Greeks"


Georges Corraface "Papadopoulos & Sons" from Festivals to Festivals

Dinard. The British Film Festival of Dinard, October 3-7, 2012, will show a preview of Markou Marcus’ film "Papadopoulos & Sons", a UK film in English, the film will be screened three times. More

Thessalonique : November 2-11, 2012, the 53rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival will take place and will show the movie "Papadopoulos & Sons". With renewed vision and a strong dedication to independent cinema, the Festival will once more invite both film makers and the audience to a special celebration of film. More

Self-made businessman Harry Papadopoulos has got it all; a mansion house; awards and a super rich lifestyle. However, on the eve of a property deal of a lifetime, a financial crisis hits and the banks call in their huge loans. Harry and his family lose everything in an instant. Everything, except the dormant and forgotten Three Brothers Fish & Chip Shop half owned by Harry’s larger than life brother Spiros who's been estranged from the family for years.
With no alternative, Harry and his family, plant enthusiast James; fashion victim Katie; nerdy Theo and their loyal nanny Mrs. Parrington, are forced to pack their bags, leave their millionaire lifestyle and join ‘Uncle Spiros’ (Georges Corraface) to live above the neglected Three Brothers chippie. Together they set about bringing the chip shop back to life under the suspicious gaze of the their old rival, Hassan, from the neighbouring Turkish kebab shop whose son has his own eyes on Katie. Each family member must come to terms with their new life in their own way and make the most of their reduced circumstances. Harry struggles with the banks to regain his lost business empire, but as the chip shop comes to life and old memories are stirred Harry and his family gradually discover that only when you lose everything are you free to discover it all.

Find out more about the film


Georges Corraface Cyprus: an international celebration at the Kourion antique theatre.

On July 5th in the Kourion antique theatre of Cyprus, Georges will narrate a ceremony evoking the Goddess Aphrodite through ancient Greek texts and modern Greek poetry in honor of the Cypriot European Union presidential term.

Georges will recite in Greek, English, and in French for the diplomatic corp and international guests.


Georges Corraface Cannes Festival 2012

ECI, Georges' talent agency, will be celebrating the opening of two new offices -Los Angeles and Beijing- on May 20th during the Cannes Film Festival.

The event will be held on Rado Beach for 500 international guests.

SCREENING: British film, "Papadopoulos & Sons", by Marcus Markous starring Stephan Dillane, Georges Corraface, Ed Stoppard, Frank Dillane, and Georgis Groome, will be screening on May 17th in Palais B and on May 21st in Palais E at the Cannes Films Market." More info on this movie.


Georges Corraface Georges guest stars in TF1 series, "Section de Recherches"

Georges will guest star in the opening episode of the 7th season of "Section de Recherches"  ("Investigation Team") for TF1,  stirring up trouble and putting the entire investigation staff under extreme pressure in a dramatic count down.
Christine Dejoux plays opposite Georges in this fatal love story.

This episode was shot in March 2012 in Bordeaux, France.


Georges Corraface A golden heart!

Garches (France): Georges hosted a charity concert in January which benefits the children's "dissident" oncology ward of Dr. Nicole Delépine, in the Garches hospital, produced by the "Regarde la Vie" ("Look at Life") association, whose goal is "to bring back the smiles".

Thessaloniki (Greece): On January 10, 2012, Georges hosted a charity event in Greece for the benefit of the children's cardiology wing of the University Hospital in Thessaloniki. He proposed the gourmet menu and even stopped by the kitchen to give the cooks a helping hand! The dinner was attended by 200 people and organized by "The Gastronomy Team."


Georges Corraface A tribute to Sotigui Kouyaté, master of the words

In January, Georges, along with several other artists, celebrated Sotigui Kouyaté (1936-2011) in an homage to his lifetime contribution in the fields of theatre, film, music, and story-telling. The evening was organized by the Association "La Voix du Griot" and attended by his many fans, friends, and family.

Georges and Sotigui worked together in "The Mahabharata" and "The Tempest", directed by Peter Brook at Les Bouffes du Nord in Paris and on world tours. Jean-Claude Carrière, author and friend, also participated in the event.


Georges Corraface « L'Harmonie Familiale », a film by Camille de Casabianca

In December 2011, in Paris, Georges played the libidinous uncle in a family of eccentrics in a feature film entitled "L'Harmonie Familiale" ("Family Harmony") written and directed by Camille de Casabianca.

The cast of this film includes Philillipe Caubere, Ged Marlon, Georges Kiejman, Sophie Deschamps and Camille de Casabianca. This dramatic comedy takes place on Christmas Eve when throughout an evening of toasts over an elaborate meal, the eccentric family members unveil their secrets. A police inspector seems particularly interested in them…

Harmony is an art which, unlike the clavier, isn't always well tempered for families.


Georges Corraface Shooting on location in London, « Papadopoulos & Sons »
No one does crisis like The Greeks!

Double M Films is currently in production on "Papadopoulos & Sons" – a feature length comedy about a wealthy family who lose it all overnight and end up in a fish and chips shop. Shooting on location in London, the film is scheduled for completion in early 2012.

Synopsis and photos here   -   More on Double M Films


Georges Corraface Premiere on May 12 of « Pan » at the Théâtre de Paris, directed by Irina Brook

Georges is back in the theatre this season in Paris in a new musical version of the James Barrie classic, "Peter Pan" directed by Irina Brook, playing a Captain Hook rocker with a dazzling cast of singers, dansers, mimes, rappers and acrobats, with Louison Lelarge from The National School of Circus in the role of Peter Pan and the hit singer Babet in the role of Wendy. See the video

Interview of Irina Brook (video in French)


Georges CorrafaceGeorges guest stars in the France 3 series, « Enquêtes Réservées »

He portrays a ruthlessly ambitious CEO confronted by the police after the murder of an associate in the new season of the France 3 series, "Enquêtes Réservées", directed by Laurent Carcelès, starring Jérome Anger and Yvon Bach.


Georges Corraface« Joy and Sorrow of the Body », directed by Andreas Pantzis, currently shooting

Georges is currently shooting the new film of Cypriot filmmaker Andreas Pantzis, "Joy & Sorrow of the Body" in Cyprus and Bulgaria.

He has previously starred in two films by Pantzis  ("Slaughter of the Cock" and "To Tama") which took best film and best actor awards in Greece.



Georges Corraface "The Signature" opened February 3rd in Greece

"The Signature" opened February 3rd in Greece to critical praise for it's originality, style, photography, art direction, music, and fine performances.

Several reviewers consider it to be Georges' best dramatic performance ever. The film also stars Maria Protopapa and is written and directed by Stelios Charalambopoulos.

More information on this movie



Georges Corraface Tribute to Jean Genet, November 6 in Paris, at the Théâtre Ouvert

Along with Pierre Constant, Georges Corraface will read a scene from the play "Sur le Fil" by Fernando Arrabal, which was dedicated to Jean Genet and which premiered in 1974 at the Festival of Avignon.

More information



Georges Corraface « Without Borders » opens in Greece on the 21st of October 2010

Thanassi (Giorgos Voyagis) is an itinerant street vendor in Athens loved by all. He is accompanied by pretty little blond Melissa (Veronica Vassilakopoulou), who was left in his care by Mila (Eugenia Kaplan), a Russian prostitute who travels to the United States in search of a better life.

Five years later, Mila returns accompanied by her American husband and forcibly takes Melissa away from the only parent she has known most of her young life, Thanassis. He is inconsolable and decides to attempt to see Melissa once again. He is refused a U.S. visa, and asks his cousin Plato (Georges Corraface) for help, a shady character who for 25 years has made a living playing poker and doing other questionable business in Las Vegas.

Plato meets Thanassis in Juarez, Mexico, to help him illegally cross the border. Unbeknownst to his kindly and credulous cousin, Plato seizes the opportunity to smuggle a cocaine shipment into the country. When this is stolen from him their troubles begin in earnest.

See the trailer

See the synopsis and photos


Georges Corraface « CINESPAÑA », 15th Spanish Film Festival in Toulouse. Georges Corraface, president

From October 1st to October 10, 2010, Spanish cinema is the subject of this 15th Film Festival which is based in Toulouse but also extends into the Midi-Pyrénées region.
Cinespaña will feature around a hundred brand new films which will be screened for the very first time at the Cinémathèque in Toulouse, the UGC, the Utopia, the ESAV and at the Institut Cervantès. A selection of films will compete for awards within different categories, and you will find screenings of feature films, short films, tributes, retrospectives, documentaries and educational films.

The Jury: Georges Corraface (president) - Myriam Mézières, actress, writer and singer - Dominique Besnehard, producer and actor - Jean-Claude Petit, film composer - Luis Rego, musician, actor, movie director - Serge Regourd, writer and university teacher.

Find out more on the Festival: www.cinespagnol.com


Georges Corraface « ADESPOTA, The Free Dogs of Athens »

May 2010: Georges is in Athens shooting a documentary film called "The Free Dogs of Athens" about the lives of the stray dogs, called "Adespota" by the local Greeks and "The Guardian Angels of Athens" by visitors to the city. The shoot began in March, 2009, and is co-directed by Ilya Chorafas. Shooting ends May 23rd.

The present financial crisis, the backdrop of street violence, outrage, and public demonstration ironically dramatizes the symbol of freedom represented by the dogs without masters who wear collars, but no leashes, and are to be found in the forefront of all the marches. (Adespota = without masters).


Georges Corraface « Retour »

April 2010: screening at the Peniche Cinema of the short film, written and directed by Jeffrey Frohner, « Retour ».

Georges plays an ex-con who has some shady business to settle with his former partner (Lionel) and shows up unexpectedly at the rundown motorhome park where his old buddy is now living...

With Georges Corraface and Lionel Bécimol.


Georges Corraface « Viva! »

March 2010: reading of a new play at the Théâtre de la Huchette in Paris: «Viva! » by Jean-Louis Milesi with Georges Corraface in the role of an aging film star looking back on her life. Yes, "her" life!"

Jean-Louis Milesi originally wrote this play for Annie Girardot at the end of her career. A one-woman show in the form of a monologue.

Consult the program (in French)


Georges Corraface « Dangerous Cooking »

The film « Dangerous Cooking », directed by Vassilis Tselemengos, has opened in Athens and in major cities in Greece.

Damocles is a famous chef, whose cooking is no longer popular. He feels lonely and unsatisfied. Nana comes into his life in a critical moment: he has decided to write a book on gastronomy and Nana is his muse. His cooking turns into a complicated personal art, as it is a gift to Nana and a way to attract her.
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Georges Corraface « The Signature »
Georges is shooting this movie, written and directed by Stelios Haralambopoulos.

Georges plays Angelo, also staring Maria Protopapa, Alexia Kaltsiki, and Nikos Kouris. Produced by Periplus & CL Productions.

Anna, a young art historian is preparing a retrospective of the work of the famous painter, Maria Dimou. She is assisted by Angelos, an ex-lover of the painter. Dimou was found dead several years ago. Her death is not clear: suicide or murder ? Angelos will help Anna solve this mystery but Angelo has many things to hide… More information on the synopsis page - See the video


Georges Corraface 50th International Thessaloniki Film Festival
presided for the 5th time by Georges Corraface.

The TIFF president, Georges Corraface, welcomed the public and made a point of saying: « This is the beginning of a festival which I hope will remain unforgettable as much for the films that will be screened as for those that wont. The Festival mirrors the current situation in the Greek world of cinema and many of our filmmakers, in a gesture of despair, have decided not to take part in the Festival and the national awards, thereby expressing their indignation at being neglected by the state. And yet, their absence is an enlightening experience for us, a sort of disaster film which warns us on what to expect if one morning we were to wake up and find cinema has suddenly come to an end.»

Georges Corraface

With the motto «Why cinema now?" the 50th Thessaloniki International Film Festival would like to make a radical proposition; an occasion for thought, dialogue, communication, interaction; a singular celebration that will reach its peak this coming November, from the 13th to the 22nd,2009.

The 50th Thessaloniki International Film Festival is celebrating a half century of existence and invites artists, film professionals and of course its audience to actively participate, to once again ask questions concerning the nature and the role of cinema. The Festival confirms the attendance of the following guests : Werner Herzog, Jeremy Thomas, Goran Paskaljevic, Alexandre Desplat, Jane Birkin, Eugenio Caballero, Fatih Akin, Jim Gianopulos, Tony Grisoni, Waris Dirie, Anne Consigny, Koji Wakamatsu as well as a New Philippine cinema delegation. More information on the Festival's web site.


Georges Corraface « Dangerous Cooking »
A movie directed by Vassilis Tselemengos and being shot this summer in Athens.

Georges will be shooting this summer, in Athens, "Dangerous Cooking", a romantic comedy directed by Vassilis Tselemengos, the story is based on the novel written by Andreas Staikos.

Damocles is a famous chef, whose cooking is no longer popular. He feels lonely and unsatisfied. Nana comes into his life in a critical moment: he has decided to write a book on gastronomy and Nana is his muse. His cooking turns into a complicated personal art, as it is a gift to Nana and a way to attract her.

Nana on the other hand poses for Fine Arts students and uses her beauty to survive. She is lonely and careless until the day she meets Damocles . Their relationship changes her life but it gradually makes her suffocate. However Nana finds a new love interest, when Dimitris moves to the building. Dimitris is a young, volatile man with no special talents. He manages to cover his loneliness by pretending to be nervous and very busy. The couple next door is the center of his interest. Dimitris creates an explosive atmosphere as he attempts to challenge Damocles cooking talent and tries to become a better chef. Nana turns, from an insignificant woman into a protagonist. Trying not to loose what luck has brought her, she "plays" a dangerous game becoming a femme fatale.

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Georges Corraface « Les Associés  »:  
produced by Little Big productions for TF1, this TV movie directed by Alain Berliner, received the Best scenario award at the La Rochelle TV Festival.

A 90 minutes thriller, directed by Alain Berliner and written by Hervé Korian. Synopsis: Three crooks hiding in a suburban house near Paris, and rather bored, start watching their peaceful neighbors. Unfortunately they witness a few shady scenes, and decide to interfere. Also staring Christophe Lambert, Francois Berleand, Thierry Fremont, Sophie Duez et Edouard Dard.


Georges Corraface « Les Amants de l'ombre »:(The Lovers in the Shadows)
this TV movie will be screened on December 8, 2009, in France

Produced by France 3, this TV feature tells the story of a forbidden passion, at the end of the war, between a young woman - whose husband is a prisoner in Germany - and a black GI. Also starring : Anthony Kavanagh, Julie Debazac and Delphine Rich.


Georges Corraface Herod Atticus Theater, Athens
with music compositions by Dimitris Papadimitriou,
June 19, 2009

A prestigious concert will take place at the Heroed Atticus Theater, with compositions by Dimitris Papadimitriou. This concert, a production of the Greek Festival, is dedicated to the official inauguration of the newly built Acropolis Museum.

Georges Corraface will give a lecture of the first six chapters of Shelley's "Ode To Liberty", in a form of a musical narration. The outstanding setting of the Herod Atticus Theater, at the foot of the Acropolis, will give a tremendous impact to the concert.


Georges Corraface 49th Monte Carlo Television Festival
June 7 - 11, 2009

The best programmes in the Monte Carlo Television Festival are awarded with the prestigious Golden Nymph.

Georges Corraface has been nominated in the category "Best Actor" for his role in "Disparitions", produced by France 3 and broadcasted in 2008.

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Georges Corraface Las Palmas:
International Film Festival, March 6 - 14, 2009.
Georges Corraface is jury member.

The International Film Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria celebrates its tenth anniversary, in 2009. The Festival has given a voice to peripheral actors, whilst reflecting the upsurge and growth in Asian film production, the increase in digital possibilities, the re-birth of independent film production in the US, and the overlap of fiction with documentary and experimental cinema. More information.


Georges Corraface« L'Ultimo Pulcinella  »:
closing the Rome International Film Festival

The film closing the festival, screened after the awards ceremony, and based on an idea of Roberto Rossellini’s, is L’ultimo Pulcinella, directed by Maurizio Scaparro and starring Massimo Ranieri.


Georges Corraface « The Prankster »:
this movie shot in San Francisco, will be released in September 2010.

Directed by Tony Vidal, The Prankster is a teen comedy/coming of age story about offbeat high school kids who affirm their identity by staging sophisticated pranks. Both hilarious and insightful, this screenplay depicts young people finding the courage to break free of conditioned roles to find out who they truly are. In the vein of Breaking Away, Sixteen Candles, and She’s The Man.

Georges Corraface plays Nick Karas, the eccentric "Uncle Nick" who helps Chris Karas (Matt Angel) navigate the treacherous waters of adolescence.

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Georges Corraface « Disparitions »:
a television series produced by France 3

The first 12 episodes of this series were broadcast from November 1 to December 6, 2008. While on an excursion in the Pyrenees mountains with their college professor, Antoine and Claire have a terrible accident in which he loses the use of his legs. In order to put this tragic past behind them, Antoine and Claire decide to go their separate ways. Yet 15 years later the macabre and apparently ritualistic death of a young girl in the Pyrenees hauntingly recalls what Claire and Antoine experienced. Learn more


Georges Corraface Thessaloniki:
11th Documentary Festival, March 13 - 22, 2009. Presided by Georges Corraface.

The 11th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival – Images of the 21st Century will take place from the 13th to the 22nd of March 2009. The TDF has been held every March in Thessaloniki since its inception in 1999 and under the auspices of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival organization. Through its tributes and retrospectives, the TDF focuses on filmmakers with unique cinematic voices, internationally renowned for their contribution to the documentary genre. More.