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Les deracines
les deracines
les deracines
les deracines
"Les Déracinés"

Georges Corraface as Frank Sebal.
Also starring¬†:  Luce Mouchel, Isaac Sharry, Jean Yanne, Julia Maraval, Alexis Loret.
Directed by¬† :  Jacques Renard.
Produced by : Scarlett Productions for Arte and France 3.
Date : 2001.

1962. A family "Pied Noir" (a Frenchman born in Algeria before independence) leaves Oran and lands at Bastia in Corsica, where the father, Frank (Georges Corraface), thinks he has a job at the branch of the bank where he was a financial manager. He finds Rene (Isaac Sharry), his younger brother who has been married for ten years.

Given the impressive influx of refugees, all mutations are suspended and Frank has to accept a job as a warehouseman. Frank, a very spirited and determined man, decides to run a program to help other refugees and wants to build a holiday resort. He borrows the money he needs from Rolliat (Jean Yanne), a rather unpleasant character.