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2019 « Commissaire Magellan », directed by Grégory Ecale : with Jacques Spiesser, Selma Kouchy, Nathalie Besançon, Franz-Rudolf Lang, Olivier Sitruk, Marie De Stefano, Hélène Seuzaret, Dounia Coesens, Georges Corraface.
2017-2018 «Clem», directed by Elsa Bennett, Hippolyte Dard et Nicolas Herdt  (Merlin Productions/TF1), with Victoria Abril, Agustin Galiana, Lucie Lucas, Philippe Lellouche, Elodie Fontan, Kevin Elarbi, Vinnie Dargaud, Georges Corraface.
2015 «Death in Paradise», directed by David O'Neil, produced by Red Planet Pictures and Atlantique Productions for the BBC (season 4), with Georges Corraface, Kris Marshall, Sara Martins, David Bamber, Amanda Roots, Adrian Lukis, Elisabeth Bourgine.
2014 «On Leave», in French (La Permission), written and directed by Philippe Niang. Starring Souleymane Seye Ndiaye, Hanje Kodja, Georges Corraface, Charlotte de Turckheim, Michael Cohen and Julie Debazac.
2012 «Section de recherches» (Auteurs Associés/TF1). Directed by Eric Leroux. With Christine Dejoux, Xavier Deluc, Virginie Caliari, Kamel Benghazi, Jean-Pascal Lacoste and Chrystelle Labaude.
2011 «Enquêtes Réservées» (Barjac Productions/France 3). Directed by Laurent Carceles. With Jérome Anger and Yvon Bach.
2009 «Les Associés» - directed by Alain Berliner, written by Hervé Korian, produced by Little Big productions for TF1. With Christophe Lambert, Francois Berleand, Thierry Fremont, Sophie Duez and Edouard Dard.
2009 «Lovers in The Shadow» - directed by Philippe Niang, produced by France Televisions. With Anthony Kavanagh, Julie Debazac, Delphine Rich and Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux.
2008 «Disparitions» - directed by Robin Davis, Olivier Jamain et Bruno Gantillon, produced by France 3. With Agathe de La Boulaye, Jérome Bertin, Cédric Chevalme, Samira Lachhab, Thomas Sanchez, Virginie Desarnauts.
«Alex Santana, negociator» - directed by par José Pinheiro, directed by TF1. With Sophie Michaud, Michel Albertini, Hélène Seuzaret, Claude Sesé, Alexandre Zambeaux, Lizzie Brocheré, Thomas Lapacherie, Daniel Berlioux, Emmanuelle Meyssignac.
Second season : Fanny Gilles, Jérémy Banster, Jean-François Fagour and Nicolas Marié.
2002 «Ecoute, Nicolas» (Listen Nicolas) - directed by Roger Kahane, produced by Image et Compagnie for France 2. With Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Mabo Kouyaté, Michèle Garcia, Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux, Fréderique Ruchaud.
2002 «L'Eté Rouge» (Red Summer) - Directed by Gérard Marx, produced by TF1. With Guy Marchand, Agathe de la Boulaye, Charlotte Kady, Aladin Reibel, Jacques Spiesser, Valérie Leboutte, Natacha Lindinger, François Eric Gendron, Thomas Jouannet.
2001 «L'Emmerdeuse» (The Nuisance) - Directed by Mickael Perrotta, produced by TF1. With Marie-Anne Chazel.
2000 «Les Déracinés» (The Dispossessed) - Directed by Jacques Renard, produced by Scarlett Productions for Arte and France3. With Luce Mouchel, Isaac Sharry, Jean Yanne.
2000 «La Bicyclette bleue» (The Blue Bicycle)- Directed by Thierry Binistri, produced by Gaumont Television for France 2. With Laetitia Casta, Silvia de Santis, Virgile Bayle, François Marthouret, With la participation de Jean-Claude Brialy et Stéphane Audran.
2000 «L'Institutrice» (The Teacher)- Directed by Henri Helman, produced by Telfrance for TF1. With Claire Borotra, Matthieu Rozé.
1999 «Femme d'Honneur» - Directed by Gilles Béhat for TF1. With Corinne Touzet.
1999 «Toutes les femmes sont des déesses» - Directed by Marion Sarraut for TF1. With Alexandra Vandernoot, Francis Huster.
1998 «Tramontane» (Winds of Passion) - Directed by Henri Helman pour TF1. With Alexandra Vandernoot, Alexandra Kazan, Macha Méril.
1998 «Only Love» - Directed by John Ermin for HBO. With Mathilda May, Rob Morrow, Marisa Tomei.
1997 «Algiers-Beirut: A Souvenir» - Directed by Merzack Allouache for Arte. With Fabienne Babe.
1996 «Une patronne de charme » - Directed by Bernard Uzan. With Alexandra Vandernoot, Philippe Caroit, Martin Lamotte.
1995 «Strangers» - Directed by Eleanore Lindo for H.B.O. (episode : "Cinéma Vérité").
1995 «Barrage sur l'Orénoque» - Directed by Juan Bunuel for TF1. Scenario by Margarita Cadenas, Patrick Meadeb, Georges Desmouceaux.
1994 «Esperanza» - Directed by René Manzor, based on Jack London's, "Smoke Bellew". With Randy Quaid, Sandrine Holt.
1993 «Scarlet and Black» - Directed by Ben Bolt for the B.B.C. With Ewan McGregor.
1993 «Highlander» (Saving Grace) - Directed by Ray Austin (English TV series). With Adrian Paul, Julia Stemberger, Alexandra Vandernoot.
1993 «Le Château des Oliviers» - Directed by Nicolas Gessner for France 2. With Brigitte Fossey, Jacques Perrin.
1993 «Bambino Mio» - Directed by Edward Bennett, for the BBC. With Julie Walters.
1992 «The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles» - Directed by Mike Newell for ABC, Paramount TV, Lucasfilm. Episode : "Florence, May 1908" : role of Giacomo Puccini. With Corey Carrier, Margaret Tyzack, Ruth De Sosa.
1992 «Le Petit Milliard» - Directed by Pierre Tchernia.
1991 «Palace Guard» - Directed by George d'Amato. With Marcy Walker.
1991 «Inspector Morse» - Directed by Gregg Collin.
1991 «Runaway Bay» - Directed by Jerry Mill.
1991 «Le Système Navarro Bis"» - Directed by Patrick Jamain (Le Clan des Clandestins). With Roger Hanin.
1991 «Fly By Night» - Directed by Bruno Gantillon ("Manhunt" episode).
1988 «War and Remembrance» - Directed by Dan Curtis.
1987 «La Louve» - Directed by José Giovanni.
1984 «Drifting Cities »- Directed by Robert Manthoulis, based on Stratis Tsirkas novel.
1984 «Two of Diamonds» - Directed by Bruno Gantillon.
1982 «Les Poneys Sauvages» - Directed by Robert Mazoyer. With Jean-François Balmer, Jacques Weber.
1980 «Bunker» - Directed by George Shaeffer.
1980 «La Crêtoise» - Directed by Jean-Pierre Desagnat.
1979 «Salut Champion» - Directed by Serge Friedman.